Future Fitness Trends

The American College of Sports Medicine recently surveyed nearly 4000 fitness professionals from around the globe to determine which exercise trends were likely to become most popular over the coming months.

They predicted the Top Ten activities would be:
1.High Intensity Intermittent Training (HIIT)
2.Body weight training
3. Using certified fitness professionals
4. Strength training
5. Exercise for weight loss
6. Personal training
7. Fitness training for older adults
8. Functional fitness training
9. Group personal training
10. Yoga

The interest in HIIT has grown over the last two or three years as the idea of working hard, for shorter periods, for greater long-term gain, appeals to both fitness trainers and clients alike.

However, some professionals are concerned with the increased risk of injury for deconditioned individuals who jump straight into this type of training without the necessary fitness foundation. HIIT can be very effective for boosting fitness and supporting weight loss, but it is best to work through a two to four week preparatory fitness regime before embarking on a HIIT protocol.

Body weight training has a long history within the fitness industry. It’s popular as it uses minimal equipment (your own weight provides resistance) and can be used in many environments, in and out of the gym. There’s plenty of scope for fun and innovative bodyweight training for those who wish to explore this new trend. Most of the other top ten trends have proven, longterm staying power and are important elements of a strengthening and important industry for health and wellbeing.