Be awakened

Don’t be lazy. We have been lazy and ignorant for millions of years, and we are now lucky to hear the bell of Buddha.

Meditate all day and night while lying, sitting, standing and walking. Always be awakened and mindful. That is the message from Zen Master Vien Hoc. But how can the lazy body be conquered? It is a hard work, and only you can do it to save yourself. You should observe your body carefully. Eat healthy, eat little. Work and exercise everyday.

Always remember that the law of impermanence is drifting us swiftly all day and night, and we have very little time in this life to practice Buddha Dharma to reach the shore. So don’t be lazy.

That doesn’t mean that you have to punish your body. The body is a raft, a vehicle; you have to take good care of it for a really hard trip.

Observe all your bodily movement; that’s a part of meditation. In a certain way, this kind of meditation might have originated some forms of martial arts. Also, you can have your own style Tai Chi Chuan for fun while meditating.

Try this: breath in and out gently, move your right hand very slowly in any way you want while you observe and feel all the bodily movements. Then, with both hands. Then, with eyes open, stand up and move gently while you observe and feel all the bodily movements. It is so much fun for the children to practice their own style Tai Chi Chuan while meditating.

Ask them to try it around five minutes a day. The practitioner would some time see that the mind and body become one.

Consquences of delaying sleeptime

Unfortunately, no matter what time you go to bed, you have to wake up rather early so that you can go to school/college on time, go to office on time, get your work done in sync with others around you.

So going to bed after 12 midnight means you are missing out on a few hours of your sleep. Instead of the desired 8 hours, you may be getting just 5-6 hours of sleep. Staying up late coupled with fewer hours of sound sleep can lead to many undesirable effects on your system. This can directly affect your mental state of the next day, make your skin prone to acne (as staying up late for a long time affects the secretion of the body). This habit also increases the risk of having a flu, gastrointestinal infections and allergies, as the immune system gets weaker. If the person has a tendency to sleep late and wake-up late, he may end up sleeping too much. Because of sleeping too much he may even reverse the biological clock and show a lack of energy, altered memory and miss breakfast too.

On the other hand, early birds have a great advantage to start their day with. They have greater time on their hand, that too after 8 hours of sound sleep. They wake up more cheerful, they have time for a proper breakfast. Studies have shown that their diet choices are healthier than those who wake up late. Late sleepers tend to snack at mid-night on junk food. They consume more calories, eat more fatty items and less of healthy fruits and vegetables than early risers.

Further, late risers miss out on a very important daily activity, that is, exercise. They barely have time for a bath and dressing up. No breakfast, No exercise. Unlike this early risers make time for exercise. 20 minutes of morning workout can work wonders on anyone who practises it regularly. Early larks are also proactive and have a head start at work. Arriving early enables them to plan their work well and execute it more efficiently. With all this good going, research has also shown that early birds are less likely to suffer from depression. So, going to bed on time is the best way to preserve health.

Some people do feel that they are ‘night-people’ while others are ‘morning-people’. Even if you are a night person, it is advisable to slowly shift your sleeping hours by 15 minutes and enjoy the benefits of those 15 minutes in the morning. You can eat healthy, enjoy a jog or a swim, listen to pleasant music and begin the day with cheer. What do you say now? Do you agree that, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’?