Tips To Boost Energy

Studies show that exercise increases your energy in many ways – from building up muscles to boosting your mood and self-confidence.

How often do you feel so exhausted that you would rather hit the sofa than the gym? Yet if you do make the effort, you will feel re-vitalised. Studies show that exercise increases your energy in many ways – from building up muscles to boosting your mood and self-confidence.

Watch the caffeine which is often demonised as an addictive drug that should be avoided wherever possible. But in moderation it can be a useful pick-me-up, can improve physical performance and appears to have health benefits, too, such as improving mental performance and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Just avoid it after lunch as it takes time to clear from the system and may affect your sleep.

Mind your omegas Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish have been shown to help sleep and improve mental concentration. However, high levels of omega 6, found in processed foods (cakes biscuits etc) as well as dairy, can compete with omega 3. Try to redress the balance by cutting down on processed food and eating oily fish or seafood three times a week (or using high quality supplements if you aren’t a fish lover).

Stressless Being under stress throws your hormones out of kilter. Those fight-or-flight hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, are supposed to provide a short-term reaction to help you deal with potential danger – not be switched on all the time. Not only does stress interfere with your sleep but it can affect your digestion, heart, weight, memory and mood.

Shut-down the screens More and more evidence is showing that our addiction to screens – computer, TV, phone etc – is affecting our sleep and general well-being. Not only do you find it difficult to switch off if you have been working or surfing the net late into the night, but the bright light affects your melatonin levels, throwing your natural circadian rhythms way off course. No wonder studies show that people sleep badly after excessive screen time in the evenings. Back to the hot bath and cocoa pre-bed routine!

Avoiding excess sugar wherever you can will also do wonders for your energy levels. The rapid boost it provides is soon followed by a slump as your blood sugar levels plummet in response to the hormone insulin, which is released when you eat sugar. Much better for energy levels is to have slower burn energy sources – protein, fats in moderation and complex carbohydrates such as wholegrains.

Stand up for wellness

Sitting down for long periods of time during the day increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and even premature death.

When you’re standing, you’re also exercising, even if only gently, so many office furniture ranges now include a ‘sit/stand’ desk and, in Denmark, companies must offer workers the option of a ‘standing’ desk by law. Best advice is to break up your sitting time throughout the day. If nothing else, make a resolution to stand and walk around whenever you are on the phone – you could be surprised what a difference this makes to your health in the coming year.

Are you embarrassed by what you eat?

More than one in three working women suffer from ‘food shame’ according to a study carried out by food manufacturer, Jacob’s, and actively worry they will be judged on what they eat by employers and co-workers. Eight out of ten women surveyed admitted their self-confidence was directly linked to their weight and stomach size, while one-in-five said they were unhappy with their appearance.

Half of those aged between 18 and 35 said they constantly worry about what they can and cannot eat. Kathryn Thomas, ambassador for Jacob’s ‘Real Me Moments’ campaign said, ‘Women are facing increasing pressure to match up to the unrealistic body perfection they see in magazines and on social media. It’s more important than ever to encourage a more balanced approach to health and beauty.

7 reasons to walk right now

Life is short. Why not make the most of it? To do that, overall wellness is a must-have ingredient. If you think, you would need a lot to stay well, you are wrong. Let’s face it, health related issues are very common, it will stay and so will discontentment in our minds.

We can’t expect things to work exactly as we want them to. But if you are knowledgeable you would know that you can keep these at bay and still be happy! It might seem weird, if I say walking helps, but trust me you won’t disagree when you reach the end of this article.

Why should you walk?

Because you want to wear your favorite pair of jeans again – It has been proven again and again that walking helps reduce weight or at least avoid weight gain. Having a healthy diet and walking regularly helps maintain weight. However, it must be remembered that by walking we mean brisk walking. Get a walking partner or the best option is having a pet dog. That way you will never miss your walk and most of the time you will be actually running after them!

Because you love your heart – Walking is a great physical activity that helps in reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure and keeps your heart fit and fine. All it needs is 30 minutes of your time every day. Not too difficult right? With the latest smart watches or health app on phones, you can even monitor your heart rate and the amount of calories you lost!

For your overall wellness – A daily 30 minute walk definitely keeps the doctor away. It is not just good for your heart, it can prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, osteoarthritis and improves cerebral blood flow, keeping the brain active and preventing dementia.

To sleep like a baby at night – Did you know, that a rise in melatonin makes us sleepy? No wonder, we doze off when we sit in the sun in winter! So a bit of sunlight exposure is great for your body. A morning walk will ensure you get proper sleep at night.

Because you need a stress buster – Walking can very well provide you with the time you need to de-stress. What’s more, exercising/ walking releases endorphins that keep you happy. Good news for those who suffer from depression. A half an hour’s walk five days a week can keep depression at bay and help you lead a healthy, content life.

To Rediscover and mend relationships – In this age of hectic schedules, it is hard to find out time for your spouse/ partner. Take a walk together each day and see how that old feeling of companionship resurfaces. Keep the conversation flowing and rekindle the love you had for each other. After all, healthy relationships are the key to a long, happy and prosperous life.

It is affordable – The very thought of going to a gym, every day, paying a hefty amount of subscription at the end of each month without having gone even 15 days, is a pain for most of us. Walking has no such problems. You can start any day you want and there is hardly any investment apart from a pair of good walking shoes.

Now that you have no excuses left for not going for a walk, start right away! Remember starting might seem like an ordeal at first, but once you know what you are getting in return, you will not stop, ever.