Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

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Made with organic essential oils
Naturally cleans
Use with Manduka PRO & Live On mats

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Manduka’s Mat Wash is a cleaning solution with essential oils especially formulated to keep your yoga mat clean and smelling fresh.

Daily Cleaning: After your practice, spray Mat Wash onto the surface and wipe down mat with a damp cloth. Air dry before rolling or The usage of.

Deep Cleaning: Liberally spray Mat Wash directly onto the surface of the mat and soak for 5 minutes. The usage of a damp cloth, scrub mat to take away dirt and stains. Wipe mat down with a clean cloth and sir dry before rolling or The usage of.

Ingredients: water, organic essential oils, chelating agent (phosphate free), vegetable oil based surfactant

This all purpose yoga mat cleaner is beneficial for all of Manduka’s PRO Series of yoga mats. It is a certified organic cleaning solution with essential oils, specially formulated to keep your mat clean, and smelling fresh. Phosphate- and alcohol-free and totally biodegradable, it may not dry out or in a different way degrade your mat. Natural citric acids help neutralize hard water, even as positively-charged cationic surfactants attract dirt.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Neutralizes hard water
  • Positively charged cationic surfactants to draw and bind dirt
  • Contains essential oils with natural germicidal and mood-enhancing properties
  • Biodegradable
  • Certified organic
  • Phosphate- and chemical-free

  • Scents

  • Tranquil Lavender: Light, fresh, and calming, this scent contains lavender essential oil to calm down, and reduce anxiety, nervousness, headaches, and restlessness
  • Energizing Gingergrass: Radiant, warm and earthy, this scent contains geranium rose, clary sage, and gingergrass essential oils to reduces stress and energize the mind
  • Soothing Citrus: Citrus, sweet, and floral, this scent contains bergamot, frankincense, and patchouli essential oils for emotionally uplifting tension and anxiety reduction
  • Instructions

    For on a regular basis cleaning, spray approximately 20 pumps directly onto your mat, wipe down with a damp cloth, and air dry before rolling and The usage of. For deeper cleaning, spray approximately 60 pumps directly onto your mat and let soak for three-to-five minutes. Use a damp cloth and scrub the surface to take away dirt and stains, then wipe mat down with a clean cloth and air dry before rolling and The usage of.

    Made with organic essential oils
    Naturally cleans
    Use with Manduka PRO & Live On mats

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